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About the Photographer

Andy on BeachAndy Johnson-Laird has been a photographer since the early 1960s, working primarily with silver-based film and prints. His training as a professional photographer was interrupted in 1963, when he discovered the joy of making mainframe computers do useful work.

Now, after a 40-year career as computer programmer, the past 20 years spent as a forensic software analyst (Johnson-Laird, Inc.), he has returned to photography.

The images on this Web site are a testament to Andy's love of nature photography -- seashores, sunsets, birds of prey, flowers, and all things natural. Andy also enjoys making unusual photographic images using "streak photography" or high speed photography. These images are available for purchase on his BruisedPixels Web site.

Andy was born in Sheffield in England, and has also lived in France, Canada, and Northern California. He now makes his home with his wife, Kay Kitagawa, in Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

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